Location: Hanstholm, Denmark
Year: 2019

A sustainable folk high school on the west coast of Denmark 

Hanstholm Højskole is a creative preparatory school located in Hanstholm, on the east coast of Denmark. The project explores habitation and education in relation to local traditions and culture. Analytical research resulted in a programme where ceramic work, recreation and culinary arts represent the rich nature, handcraft and industry evident at the site.

Sustainability has been an evident focus in Hanstholm Højskole. The project, which consists of five buildings, makes use of mass ovens for heating, and at the same time fuel the activities it holds. A simple wooden structure and thick modular walls made of pressed straw ensure little heat loss and respond to the idea of "design for disassemble".

The school touches the ground lightly and makes use of the historical axis on site that respond to the strong winds and harsh climate. Hanstholm Højskole hereby emphasizes the potential of future dismantling, separation and reuse through research on building culture and nature.