At SOMA we use storytelling as a creative tool.

“Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human. Stories let us share information in a way that creates an emotional connection.They help us to understand that information and each other, and it makes the information memorable.” (Hennebury 2015)

We believe in using storytelling as a tool to dig up important details of a project. It is in the process that
we find valuable information and qualities that in the end creates unique results with clear identities.

We believe that understanding each other's mindsets, needs and ambitions, is key in crafting a successful project. We aim at creating social architecture, design and media where clear communication is essential and where unifying results prove invaluable.

Sustainability is an inevitable part of our process and including it from the very beginning is what warranties future proof outcomes.

At SOMA we offer a range of design services that are targeted towards increasing sustainability to address the pressing matter of global warming and the problematic impact our industries, and especially the building industry, have on the environment. Our work consists of ideation, strategic thinking, research, and planning, as well as the physical manifestation of those ideas.

The processes at SOMA are informed by an interdisciplinary and a multicultural perspective, and by an informed relation to you. It is through these processes that we create narratives that differ from what is currently available on the market.  Storytelling hereby becomes a central tool in creating a unique experience that anyone can relate to.

Our services include:
Circular economy strategies
Architectural design
Branding strategies
Workshops and exhibitions